Y-Haplogroup Distributions

Ethnic Genome Project
R1b –West Europe 60-90% (Celtic, Basque, Italic, Frisian, Saxon), Central Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, and continental Italy) about 40% (also Armenians, Ossetians and Jordanians in the Dead Sea region), less than 40% in Swedes, Norwegians and Sicilians, 16% in Turkey, 15% in Bulgaria, 4% in UAE, 2% in Ukraine.R1a – East Europe, Iran (Slavic, Saka)I1 – North Europe (Germanic, Scandinavian)
I2a – Balkans, Southwest Ukraine, Sardinia (Southern Slavic, Basque)
I2b – West Europe (Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and England)

J2 – Spanish, Italian, Sicilian, Greek, Anatolian Turkish, some French and Portuguese.
J2 in South Europe is more like J1 in the Near East than I or R haplogroups in other parts of Europe.
The mostly East European I is closer to the mostly Mediterranean J than to the mostly West European R.
Mediterranean and Middle-East
J1 – Arabs
J2 – Spanish, Italian, Sicilian, Greek, Anatolian Turkish, some French and Portuguese.
T – Low frequency among Egyptians, Iraqis, Serbs and Spanish. (Haplogroup of Thomas Jefferson, Czar Nicholas II and several English royals).
G – Most present around the Caucasus in South Russia, which is culturally Middle Eastern, about 60% in Ossetians, 30% in Georgians, Kabardinians and Balkarians.E1b1b – North Africa, Jews and South Europe in the same regions as J2, but especially Greece 27%and Serbia 24%.
Asia and America
N – First appeared in South East Asia but the highest frequency occurs among the Finnic and Baltic peoples of North East Europe, the Ob-Ugric and northern Samoyedic peoples of western Siberia, and the Turkic-speaking Yakuts of Siberia.
Q – The dominant haplogroup among Amerindians and also highly present among some Siberian Mongoloids like the Kets, whose language has been linked to the Amerindian Na-Dene groups in West Canada and Alaska.

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