Geographic Ancestry – Geography

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Migration routes out of Africa are thought to have run primarily:

– from Africa to the Indian Coast, and then up into South and SouthEast Asia, and

– from Africa to Middle East, and then West and East to Asia.

On the Asian continent the two routes meet. Migration into West Asia Europe is thought to have occured first from the Middle-East (Y Hgs E-I) and later from the Asian plains (Y Hgs N-R).

The Maternal migration line (mt MacroHg R) is believed to have originated in SouthEast Asia and migrated across to West Asia. The same maternal lines are common across West Asia EurAsia.

The Clipper Route nicely depicts the possible lines of migration West via the Mediterranean and East via the Indian Ocean migrations out of Africa from the Arabian peninsular. The extent to which migrations were by sea or by coastline is uncertain but the earliest migrations out of Africa seem to have arrived to places such as South India and Australia (e.g. mt Hg M, Y Hg C) and Greece and Sardinia (e.g. Y Hgs E and I).

Seas and Mountains have played an integral role in directing early migrations.


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