Early Civilisation – Y Haplogroups

Broadly speaking the globe divides into regions populated by different paternal lines. These areas reasonably match the distribution of early civilisations and the resulting main world cultural ideologies, Buddhism, Hinduism, Abraham-ism. It seems likely that the uniqueness of the Hindu civilisation in India is the result of the relative isolation  of the Indian population being separated from the Asian continent to the north by the Himalayas, and bordered on the West, East and South by oceans. The spread of E and J Haplogroups follow the expansion of Islam from their Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilisations straddling the Arabian  ‘bridge’ between the African and Asian continents. Christianity at its peak followed the spread of Indo-Europeans (Ra and Rb) in Europe and Asia Minor, arising from the later cultures of the Pontic-Caspian Steppe.


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