Migration Reduction Diagrams

Migration Reduction diagram assuming an Out of Asia scenario for Y and mt Haplogroups.  Colours are an attempt to illustrate the stage of migration and the survival of the Haplogroup. Hence J is shown as a second phase migration (blue), whilst G and I are shown in green since, despite being widespread during the second phase migration, they are later replaced by Bronze Age migrations of R. Likewise C and D decline substantially following Han expansion (O) but distribution of C and D suggest these were the first migrant populations of east Asia.

Presented in this way, the Y migrations knit more clearly with mt migrations, shown as pink lettering. From earlier diagram-experiments, the site of macrohaplogroup R is located in the region of south to southeast Asia, and is shown as lower case r, since the proportion of r in the region is lower than that of M, and derivatives, and also to differentiate Rb and Rf from the widespread distribution of Rhkuv in Eurasia.


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