South West Asia Controversy

There is consensus that the divergence between L3 and M mt-Haplogroups occurred outside Africa:
But there is no consensus as to exactly where the inland migrations (M-N-R) from the coastal route took place. ‘M is detached by only 3 CR mutations from the shared ancestral L3 node in East Africa, while N counts 5, and R counts 6 (the five of N plus one of its own). This is at least suggestive of successive rather than simultaneous (or separated by very short periods) expansions of M, N and R.’ Possibilities for the M-N-R split include just across the Gulf of Oman (Iran), further southwest (Pakistan or northwest India) and/or further east near Myanmar or Thailand:
The significance of South Asia, rather than the Middle-East, as the locus for populating Asia has risen in recent years and it is now considered possible that the location of the Y-Haplogroup F-J divergence occurred further over towards Iran or India.
Likewise there is an increasing interest in Y-Haplogroup R divergence from R* to R1 occurring in South Asia before migrating north to the Steppes and then west to Europe.


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