DNA Haplogroups

Y Haplogroup C – Mongolia, Australia [40-80%]

Y Haplogroup E

E3 – North Africa, East Africa (50-80%)


Ex – Sub-Saharan Africa, America, Caribbean [50-90%]

Y Haplogroup J – Arab World [Marsh Arabs 80%]

Y Haplogroup L – India [FHL 45-75%]


Y Haplogroup O – Han, East Asia, Southeast Asia (50-80%)

Y Haplogroup Q – America (90+%)

Y Haplogroup R – Europe, Central Asia, Southwest Asia

[Rb 50-80% West Europe]

[Ra 30-60% Russia, East Europe, SC and SW Asia]

Maternal Lines

Mongolia MR [DCM 50%; GUHFBA 50% ]

Australia NR [N 60%; P 40%]

North Africa RL [HUT 40-60%; L 10-20%]

East Africa L [60%;  MH 20%]

Africa L [100%]

Arabia R [HU 60-80%]

Indian MR [40-60%; RUH 30-40%]

China, Thailand MR [60-80% MDRF]

America N, R,  MR [A 75% or B 75% or BCD 80-90%]

Europe R [Rh 40-60%; 95%+ European Royal Houses]

Less prevalent and/or widespread Paternal Lines – A [30-50% Ethiopia, Kalahari], B [20-50% WC Africa], D [Tibet 50%], G [30% Georgia], I [50% Balkans, 30% Scandinavia], KM [Papua], N [North Asia up to 95+% in some Eskimo groups]. Rare Paternal Lines, P, S, T.


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